The Human Connection

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rockabilly-boy-web I was having a conversation with a colleague about marketing.

The fundamental part of marketing is connecting a buyer with a provider. The connection used to be made with print ads and the Yellow Pages, now it is made with websites, SEO, email and social Media.  It’s the connection between two people that is important and there has always been word of mouth. Is it a handshake? Is it a friend telling a friend? Is it a business person talking to another business person? Is it an email or post on Instagram? Is it someone looking you up your info online because someone suggested you?

The delivery method of the message is only worthwhile when someone responds. For most transactions, there are people involved. Digital marketing is the most current Communication method dominating our lives, but really the human element is the part that makes it happen and click.

It may be true that with big data, computers make transactions happen. But software and Artificial Intelligence even tries to emulate human decision making. It is the human element that really makes the connections work. Computers just make it faster and accurate. And that’s really the fundamental thing of marketing…making the connection work.
So you can follow a Facebook link, give your email address out, click on the submit button, and enter your credit card number. But the algorithm is made only to try and figure out what YOU want. Human behavior, your behavior, is ultimately what makes the connection happen.

Written by Drew Giffin





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