Digital Engagement

What are people saying and where?…Listen!

Do you want to communicate with your audience, grow your list of contacts or convert sales?

We can help you with exactly that!

Text / SMS Marketing

Do you want immediate engagement in real time with your customers? Text / SMS Marketing has great ROI when done well!

Email Marketing

Relationships are increasingly more important and Email is great for engaging your customers and nurturing the sales relationship.

Content Creation

Create content that is relevant and important to your your audience. Should you use visual images, newsletters or videos?.

Social Media

What Social Media Channel is best for me? There are so many to choose from. What is the impact o fSocial Media for your business?

Why is Text Messaging Important 

 It’s utilized by thousands of industry-leading businesses, nonprofits, and organizations. Every day.

Do you want to have an instant conversation with your customers and
modernize your customer experience?

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You may have heard these facts:



    • 98% of Texts are opened right away

    • 90% respond within 30 minutes

    • 80% of people use texting for business

    • 75% want to receive promotional texts with offers

    • 70% of businesses see a 10% increase in business

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These are some of the text marketing solutions DGM can help you with

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Podium SMS partner
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Should you be using Email Marketing?

It may be one of the original forms of digital communication, but email still holds the top spot when it comes to usage and effectiveness. In fact, email marketing has the highest ROI of all forms of marketing, averaging about $42 in return for every $1 spent. Wouldn’t you like to be able to have all of your business investments turn out so well?

Young Lady Email Marketing

Email is great for your business!

It helps increase sales, attract new customers, and strengthen relationships.

Learn why email and text work well together…Click Here

Below are email marketing solutions DGM Solutions works with the most

Constant Contact Certified 21-22

What impact does Social Media have?

Watch this video from Socialnomics guru Erik Qualman.

What is important to you with social media marketing?

Companies that are engaged on social media are 40% more likely to be perceived as competitive than those who are not?

– LinkedIn Marketing Playbook

Let's work together on your Digital Engagement

Do you want to communicate with your audience, grow your list of contacts or convert sales?

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