What are 10 questions you should be asking yourself about your Digital Marketing?


What is Digital Marketing and what does it mean anyway? With the pervasiveness of smartphones these days having a digital strategy is incredibly important. It’s almost obvious to be thinking about how people do business with you in the digital world. Do they simply want directions to your business, do they want to see your stuff before they buy, or do they want to know who you are before they do more business with you? Why should you care?

1. What is the Digital Brand for your company?
2. Is it easy to find info about you online?
3. Is your website Mobile or Responsive to all the different devices out there?
4. Are you integrating with your Social Media? Do you know how it can help or hurt your business?
5. Do you have an email marketing program?
6. Are you scheduling your email marketing or social media posts?
7. Do you know what SEO is and how it can help your business?
8. Do have a strategy for providing good stories, or content, to your digital audience?
9. Does your tribe know what you’re doing through online marketing channels?
10. How do your customers engage with you or you with them online?
11. Are you sharing information that is relevant? (OK, so that’s 11 and there’s many more!)

If you’re not including a Digital Marketing Strategy for your business, you should be thinking about when to start one. The world of Digital Marketing changes faster and faster. This isn’t a complete list by any means and if you think there should be something else on this list, drop us a line.

Written by Drew Giffin





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