92 ways to drive people to you (and your website)

Are you Driving Miss Daisy or are you driving people to do business with you?

The New Year is right around the corner. Are you going to welcome it in with a new eagerness to focus on your business and how you engage with your clients?

Or are you going to sit back and let someone else drive your business for you? 2020 is, quite literally, just around the corner!

Today, people are driving smart phones, laptops and tablets. They ask Google as soon as they can about you and your business. “Hey Google…Hey Siri…”

When you’re growing your online presence, you need to know the different ways people get to your business and be there when they are looking for you. The ways that matter to those in your community.

Your website, your Facebook Page, your LinkedIn Profile, your search listings, the email they receive from you, or the video you post on Youtube. These days where your customers hang out can be a little overwhelming, so here’s a list that will help.

Some are traditional, most are Digital. It’s a sign of the times. Get the list: 92 ways to increase your website traffic!

The best way to use this list is to focus on 10-12 that really matter to you and your customers. Do those really, really well and only then move on to the next ones that matter.

Below are the top ten I plan to focus on…which are yours?

  • Make laptop, product stickers – Share the love with those that do business with you! For branding purposes, using your logo is a great way to re-enforce your message. Check out stickergiant.com They’re a local Colorado company too!
  • Email Out New Posts regularly based on a planned content schedule. DGM uses CoSchedule to help with Social Media management.
  • Setup an Autoresponder Email for your best posts – When people engage with your blog posts, this will create the opportunity for you to help solve their problem … again.
  • Use Buffer to Share Multiple Times on Different Social Media Channels – Marketing Automation is critical as a small business owner when you need to wear multiple hats and be efficient with your time. Use buffer to post articles you choose on your Social Media Channels at times you also choose.
  • Create an eBook and List it On Amazon. This gives you legitimacy and helps with SEO for your website. It also will share more information about what you do.
  • Do a Cross-Promotion with Another Site or Business. What better way to collaborate with other business professionals than to create win-win situations.
  • Build a Related Micro Site or Landing Page. You can utilize this technique for inbound marketing and A/B testing. DGM uses Leadpages to design them the right way for our clients. We’ve researched others like ClickFunnels, but for us, Leadpages works best. This is part of building a Sales Funnel (see number XX) Fine tune your message to see what works best!
  • Create more SlideShare Content. LinkedIn is especially important for me since many of the professionals I work with are B2B businesses. My people hang out on LinkedIn, so it makes sense for me.
  • Create a video from a blog post. Lumen5 is a great way to design a video based around a Blog Post. Using Artificial Intelligence, Lumen5 can create a slide show video to go along with your carefully chosen words. They also make it easy to post the video to your Social Media platforms. It’s pretty slick!
  • Differentiate your business from your competition. What makes your business unique and special? Do you feature a personal touch or can you offer a “Swiss-Army Knife” to solve their problems? There’s a lot of stiff competition out there, so tell people why they should choose you!
  • Submit a blog to Medium.com. com has articles about a large array of topics that are very interesting to most people.
  • Map a logical Sales Funnel to acquire new customers and build a deeper relationship with current clients.

This is just a sample of the different ways that you can drive more traffic to your business and your business website.

DGM Solutions highly recommends subscribing to appsumo. As a solopreneur, you need this! Gain access to a Huge Toolbox for Digital Marketers. Sumo.com is also a great place to get e-commerce tools to build your business.They have deals that give you a ton of value! That’s awesome when you are keeping an eye on your bottom line…You can afford more tacos!


NOTE: This list is objective. I’m not an affiliate for any of these companies.


Do you want a longer list that will work for your small business?

Written by Drew Giffin





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