Is your marketing strategy customer-focused?


It’s not only a great idea, in this day and age, it’s the one idea that really matters.
Here are some steps that can help you stay focused on your customers:

       1. Constantly gather information about your customers

Smart Phones are pervasive and information is at their fingertips. If you can think of a question, you can look it up on your smart phone.    Sources estimate that the U.S. has over 180 million smart phone users today. Your customers want information that’s convenient for them: Who has that and where can I get it?

       2. Get tuned in to their strategy, not just yours!

If you can show them how your strategy meshes with theirs, you’ve formed a deeper relationship. Did they search the internet to solve their need? How did they find you? Did they hear about you from a friend, neighbor or business associate? If your strategy doesn’t fit with their strategy, chances are good they’ll look elsewhere. And it’s easier than ever to find another choice these days.

       3. Emphasize customer retention.

It’s always easier and less expensive to sell to your existing customers than to cultivate new ones. You’ve built trust and confidence with them. They have already chosen your business and they know you, your products and services. Plus a loyal customer spreads the good word about you with their sphere of influence. Word of mouth referrals are still the strongest, most powerful form of successful marketing.

       4. When you engage with your customers debrief afterwards.

You can’t learn from your mistakes or successes unless you are willing to look at how you deal with your customers. What went right about the services you gave? What areas could you improve on and did you listen to their needs?

Good customer service is not rocket science, but it is critical to the success of your business.
Everyone says they have great quality service…prove it to your customers and they’ll be back!


Written by Drew Giffin

Email Marketing | Marketing | Social Media




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